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These resources were created, especially for you, to support you in mastering your mindset and reclaiming your time so that you can have the clarity and confidence to work less yet still achieve more!

Purposefully Productive | withLaurenTamayo.com

Purposefully Productive Workbook

Are you tired of going through tiring cycle of high productivity and extreme burnout?

I get it. Most days you feel so scattered (like a bag of lost marbles) and you’re #overit. Then you need this. This Purposefully Productive workbook will support you in evaluating how you currently spend and manage your time to find what’s working plus see what no longer serves you so that you can budget your time and focus on the things that light you up in your business! Easily attracting both the income and impact you desire.

    Pomodoro Tracker | withLaurenTamayo.com

    Pomodoro Tracker

    Are you ready to… increase your productivity, be more focused and fresh plus get more work done throughout your day?

    I’m sure you are that’s why you can’t go without this. This Pomodoro Tracker works together perfecting while using the Pomodoro Technique daily. Not sure what the Pomodoro Technique is, learn more about it here.

      Time blocking template.png

      Time Blocking Template

      If you’re ready to finally get intentional with your time and time block your schedule, you need this time blocking template. This will allow you to create your time blocked schedule using a Google Sheet. You can use this template to build out your time blocked scheduled in Google Calendar, read more about how to by clicking here.


         More Mindset and Productivity Resources to come….