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female entrepreneur ready to reclaim her time + align her life with her business so she can (finally) create the income and impact she deserves

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm + anxiety and (finally) create a truly fulfilled and empowered life, one that is in alignment with your business?


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Tired of feeling like you're doing everything you can in your business but going nowhere fast? If you dream of having a wildly successful business plus creating a life you love, you need this.

    • You’ve invested your time (and money) into countless courses and opted-in to more free online trainings than you can count but you’re still not getting the results with ease or grace #overit

    • You’re ready to up-level your purposeful business and truly own it - giving you the freedom to live the life you’ve always envisioned living

    • You feel like you’re doing everything you can but going nowhere fast and you’re not ashamed to admit you have entrepreneurial ADD and you find it hard to focus on what needs to be worked on

    • You realize your dream clients are out there and you’re ready to easily attract them plus book out your services and offers

    • You’ve tried every strategy just hoping that the next would “be the one” but your purposeful business isn’t driving in the money you know you deserve


    You know…

    your business can make you more money (much, more) but you just don’t understand what’s holding you back. Your stuck (and overwhelmed) by not knowing how to take that first step in moving forward…


    I’m Lauren Tamayo. I’m a mindset and business coach for passionate female entrepreneurs ready to ditch the overwhelm + anxiety and (finally) create a truly fulfilled and empowered life, one that is in alignment with her business.

    I help creatives and online service-based entrepreneurs, like you, create actionable goals, allow for every idea to be met with intention plus equip you with the right tools and strategies so that you can have the freedom and power to take your vision and make it a reality.

    Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business? Click the button below to find out how to work with me.


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