Are you READY to stop being “busy” all day and go from overwhelmed to organized so that you can maximize your productivity and make more money while working less?

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Sound familiar?

  • Your long running to-do list keeps you “busy” all day but did you really get done what you needed to?

  • Most days you feel scattered, you end up prioritizing your client work and other admin tasks but by the time it comes to doing the things you love in your business you’re left feeling drained and end up putting it off until tomorrow...

  • You have a zillion and one ideas but you’re lost in figuring out what will actually move the needle forward in your business and you’re spinning your wheels trying different ideas that just aren't working


"Before working together with Lauren I didn’t have a system or structure in place, I was totally lost in my business, overwhelmed and stressed, not knowing which direction I should go. I was hoping to get clarity, structure, and accountability. I wanted to attract my dream clients which I did and to overall feel better in life so I can take my business to the next level. During these past 3 months, I’ve gone through such an amazing transformation. I was stressed of showing up on social media, I didn’t have any confidence in myself and I felt overwhelmed but now I am 100% confident, show up daily for my dream clients, feel structured, positive and happy. I am excited to wake up every morning and take my business to the next level. I love that Lauren is such a positive and calm personality. She has so much knowledge in her expertise and always comes up with smart and creative ideas to bring you further in your business and your life. Lauren helped me so much with everything in my business and life and I would totally recommend her to anyone that feels stuck, needs a caring coach that works with you through both mindset and business strategy. Lauren you’ve helped me so much, thank you!”

Carolin Branch | High Vibe Social


you’ve been giving your business your all and YOU know it CAN MAKE YOU MORE MONEY




Working with Lauren was the best decision I could have made during this stage of my business. Before working with Lauren, I was struggling to find a balance between my life and my business as I went through a tiring cycle of high productivity and extreme burnout. I started this business for more freedom, yet I had found myself with less. As I went through the program, Lauren helped me get crystal clear about my mission and focus, guided me in setting up systems and organizing my business, and navigated many mindset breakthroughs that all helped me realize that it is possible for life and business to balance together beautifully. What sets this program apart is that it has the perfect blend of strategy, mindset, and accountability, and it is customized to fit each unique individual's needs. Simply put, Lauren Tamayo is wonderful - her energy, strategy, and passion had me looking forward to our calls each week. Thank you Lauren!”

Seyoung Park | Modern Love 

Lauren Tamayo is a Mindset and Productivity Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

up-level your mindset and build self-confidence to transform both your life and business

  • overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, you know the ones that are holding you back from reaching your goals and achieving the success you envision? It’s time to actively drop them, like yesterday

  • hone in on the motivation behind WHY you do what you do, so that you can focus your efforts on what matters most

  • find what no longer serves you and your business plus learn how you can better spend your time working in your business, giving you the freedom to live life on your own terms


align with your messaging and offers to authentically connect with your dream clients

  • define who exactly it is that you serve and how you uniquely support them in their business, by tapping into your unique selling (super)power, you’ll have dream clients asking “so when do we start?”

  • start hitting the mark with your messaging and by creating consistent content that converts

  • establish and enhance your expert status in your niche so that you can connect and stand out to your dream clients


Create the structure and workflows so that you can make more money by working less

  • say goodbye to bouncing between tasks all day with nothing to show for it by implementing the workflows that work for you

  • (re)organize your life + business so you can wake up each day both excited and ready, knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve those BIG picture goals of yours

  • create batched work days and time block your schedule in a way that supports you and your business, so that you can spend less time worrying about creating a daily to-do list and spend more time intentionally moving the needle forward in your business

Lauren Tamayo is a Mindset and Productivity Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

this program is for…

early stage female entrepreneur, in their first year of business, from brand strategist to web designers, coaches and everything in between.


what’s included

  • In-depth self-discovery questionnaire

  • 1 x 90-minute intensive session via Zoom to get to know each other before we dive in

  • 10 x 60-minute sessions via Zoom over 3 months

  • Shared Google Drive folder with your session recordings and action items together in one place

  • Workbooks + resources for you to find clarity and continue taking massive action on your goals

  • Email & Voxer support in between sessions


My 1:1 coaching is for you if…

  • You know your limiting beliefs are holding you back and you’re ready to drop them (like yesterday),

  • You realize your dream clients are out there and you’re ready to easily attract and authentically connect with them,

  • You’re ready to create the structure and workflows so that you can book out your services and get to the next level in your business,

  • You dream of having the freedom to create and work from anywhere in the world,

  • You’re ready to show up more intentionally in your life and build a business that allows you to wake up each day both excited and ready, knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve the big audacious goals you have.

Lauren Tamayo is a Mindset and Productivity Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

“Honestly I cannot say enough good things about Lauren! Since the start of our session, Lauren made me feel so comfortable like I was talking to my best friend. She is the kindest soul and her passion to help and empower other women is extremely contagious. During our session she really dug deep into my desires and goals allowing me to create my why and get clear on the life I want. Not only was I able to become more clear about my mission but she also helped me set up incredible strategies for my business. The value you get out of just one call with her is tremendous! Now, I feel so aligned and more ready than ever to not only up-level my business but my personal life as well. She really opened up my eyes and helped me define what is really most important to me and the steps I need to take to make the impact that I desire. I am so thankful and cannot recommend Lauren enough! Thank you so much Lauren!”

Daniela Cervantes | WanderSouls Creative


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